PAR is growing. Grow with us!

Offering a challenging workplace that promotes innovation, diversity, and raising the bar for our employees and customers. Join us.

Why Join the PAR Team?

At PAR, Our Purpose is to Recognize and Unleash Possibilities… for good. We believe that business is a force for good and we seek to deliver value to our stakeholders that include our employees, customers, shareholders, the vendors we work with, the communities we live in and the environment.

If you’re interested in working in an environment driven by purpose and Core Values – look no more!

The Values that Drive Us

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    We make the conscious choice to be who we are, stand up for what is right and embrace the conversation that demands that we speak our truth.

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    Our dreams are the intangible brightness that when executed through creativity and discipline, bind us together. Imagine what is possible.

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    We chase clarity through presence with ourselves and each other during our human moments – so that we remain open to opportunities, appreciate the journey and focus on what is most important.

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    We do not build the business, we build the people who build the business. We focus on quality interactions, respect the humanity in all of us and show up for the person to the left and right of us.

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    We rise to challenges and with a deep breath, take the next step together.

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