Author: Phil Fallico

Phil Fallico is a Content Marketing Specialist for PAR with a passion for intuitive technologies and restaurant industry trends. He has a Bachelors in Marketing from RIT and likes to golf, ski and phrase complex issues facing our world in a simple-to-understand context.


Reopening a restaurant is never easy. Reordering supplies, stocking refrigerators, scheduling staff, and booting, updating, and troubleshooting your POS systems can be daunting tasks even in a normal environment. Reopening after COVID-19 restrictions end, however, carries the additional burden of rethinking your operations, cleaning procedures, and even the way consumers will want to order from

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Before COVID-19, employee training on well established standards for cleaning, cooking, hygiene, separation, and monitoring was the bedrock for food safety in the fast casual business. Proper employee supervision and management can mitigate cases of Norovirus, Salmonella, and E. coli. With the coronavirus, however, measures to mitigate contact with other humans are crucial as well.

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With restaurants taking all the precautions they can to avoid the spread of COVID-19, it is essential to follow the best practices listed below for handling consumer checkouts. For PAR Pay customers, Aurus published this document with guidelines on hygiene best practices, information on contactless capabilities, and instructions for sanitizing payment devices. Here is a