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Improve Company Culture

I truly believe every company shares one common goal – businesses want to retract and obtain great talent. People want good people not only working for them, but serving their community, training their staff and being a representation of their brand. So, ask yourself today?“How can I better our Company’s Culture?” You don’t need to

women in technology

I was blessed to have grown up in a household where I was encouraged to work hard and chase my dreams.? No matter what I decided to do in this world, the main objective should be to be happy. Riches come in many flavors, it does not always translate to making lots of money. ?We

culture summit blog

Last month I traveled to the Culture Summit in San Francisco to learn from numerous thought leaders and culture champions from different industries and hear their ideas about culture solutions. One thing was clear; having a people-first mindset is how companies win, no matter what industry you are in! I heard from many different speakers

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Simply put, the Hospitality industry is about people and the effect we can have on their feelings – it is far from simply transactional. A couple of years ago I made my journey into?the Hospitality industry?and?have?since?been amazed by the number of challenges and opportunities?the?organizations?in?this?industry?face.? The word, “hospitality” implies?friendly – helpful, generous, kind, entertainment, etc.?I like