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Restaurants are going digital to reach customers in more ways than ever before.

Table service restaurants using legacy technology?have been significantly?limited in their ability to reach customers where they’re at – online.? At a time when restaurants saw major declines in traffic, digital orders spiked more than 60%. Customers are eager to eat at their favorite restaurants, but they can’t if those?restaurants?aren’t?digital.?

PAR has teamed up with REVOLUTION, a leader in off-premise ordering, to help table service restaurants?reach customers in this new world. For a limited time,?table service restaurants?can get Brink POS and Order One Maverick online ordering fees waived through the end of the year.?

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Who Is This Offer For?

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This limited-time offer is available for table service restaurants who are using legacy restaurant technology that has failed to help them expand their business and reach guests beyond their own walls.?

The offer is available for table service restaurants from May 14, 2020, until September 30, 2020, and requires a signed 3-year contract. Individual agreements must be signed with PAR and Revolution for each promo, but customers do not need to purchase both products to receive the promotional offer.?

SaaS fees for Brink POS and Order One Maverick will be waived through December 31, 2020. For more information about the promotion and to speak with a PAR or Revolution representative, fill out the form above.

Address Challenges Head-On

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Brink POS is built to help restaurants quickly?adapt to any challenge. Our open platform is designed to offer table service operators?the?flexibility to change through a choice of any of?our?industry-leading partners.?

The one constant is the business insights delivered by Brink POS and?our superior customer support, empowering you to focus on serving your guests, not the technology. ?

In response to today’s changing?consumer?demands, Table Service Operators can no longer rely on legacy technology that couldn’t help them reach their guests outside of?their restaurant.?Brink POS?is an open platform?capable?of?adapting?to?take advantage of every opportunity.