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Since 2009 we have helped publishers of all stripes and sizes take better advantage of mobile devices. Audio. Video. E-book. Images. Synchronized text. Mix it. Match it. It's all just Stellar.™


Folium Stellar™ combines gorgeous mobile apps with a strong cloud-based backend to deliver customer shopping and content experiences unlike anything else.


Folium Partners creates white-label apps for digital publishing needs. If you have an eCommerce site or custom needs enquire how we can assist.


Folium Partners specializes in digital publishing for mobile app platforms (iOS, Google Play, Win8). We are here to help you create lasting and robust revenue streams. Give us a ring or email.

What We Do

Let‘s work together to give you back full control over your products.

Publishers often talk about how the new King Kong of the sales channel has been pushing prices down hard. Pushing them down toward the unprofitable zone. Why should your content fall helpless to someone else’s commodity pricing scheme? Shouldn’t you be allowed to offer value-based pricing for your best titles?

Folium Stellar™ allows you to take back control. Be king of your own content. Distribute and position your works to reap the revenue benefits without someone else draining cash from the middle of your revenue stream. With Stellar, you can use in-app purchases or e-commerce purchases within the same system. Sell where the buyers are. Sell through affiliates. Now you can get that 800-pound gorilla off your piggy bank and be the boss of your own product line.


Improve Your Position

Who should set the price for your titles? Who should make the decisions about special offers and sales? Who should control what cross-promotions appear alongside your products? We think the answer is simple. It’s you.

Most sales channels keep you constricted, restricted, and in the dark. They like to keep control for themselves. They like to keep user information for themselves, too, so you really never know much about your audience.

Stellar is different. Now you can position yourself to grow a robust revenue stream while taking advantage of system-wide tools and features not found anywhere else at any price:

  • Value-based pricing
  • New revenue channels
  • No multi-year contracts
  • Increased repeat customer Sales
  • Industry-leading app UI/UX
  • Diversified revenue streams
  • Easy pricing dashboard
  • Near-realtime reporting
  • Ability to control branding

Evolved Digital Publishing

Put the best of all worlds into your titles: ePub, audio, video, synchronized content, interactivity, and native app accessible features can all accentuate your titles within the Stellar content distribution platform.

Everybody loves “behind the scenes” information and DVD extras. Your target audience is probably no different. Folium Stellar and our other products offer the opportunity to plus up a title or a whole collection of titles. When you add a little extra content, you add a lot of value that goes beyond what a standalone PDF, ebook, audiobook, lecture video, or classroom content can offer—and this can support a higher price point and increased profitability.


Right Fit Solutions

Addas many titles as you like to as many Stellar-based apps as you like. Whether you have 1 or 100,000 titles, and whether you want to distribute 1 or 100 apps, we have a right-fit solution for your price range.

Folium Stellar Storefront is the perfect distribution platform for allowing In-App Purchases or connecting to your eCommerce site, or for distributing protected materials to employees and close partners. Whatever your content distribution goals, it’s easy because it’s Stellar.

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