Mobile and online channels in just 30 days!
    Publishers of all sizes are creating mobile apps
    to increase sales and maximize customer interaction.


    Web commerce options save you money.
    Combine in-app purchases with
    web e-commerce to train customers and profit.

The Complete Works

Folium Stellar lets you create storefront apps, changing your product lineup at any time. You also have the option of displaying billboards, to promote anything from products to websites to events.

Read, Look, Listen

Whether you have text, audio, or video as your main product, Folium Stellar delivers an experience that is at once fresh and familiar for users of all age groups in your audience.

Be More

Bring readers “behind the scenes” with easy-to-curate information such as timelines, maps, recipes, galleries, interviews, quizzes, and more. Support price points with easy enhancements!

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Folium Stellar is based on 7 years of learning how to destress the process of adding and changing catalogs and libraries of multi-part media content. The Stellar Catalog webapp let’s you control everything from availability to price changes, coupon codes, advertising campaigns, reports, and more.


Whether you need to create a new promotion, delete a grouping of products, or introduce a new set of prices, you’ll find that the Stellar Catalog is available 24/7 to let you do what you need to do and then get on with your day.



We have created a crack team of support staffers to help work through any issues that pop up. You can also use our US-based team for your in-app customer support as well.

Configure your app in minutes, not months.

“Choosing Folium Stellar was the easiest distribution decision we’ve ever made. The sheer flexibility and capabilities are what sold it for our business unit.”

— Steve Schein, Oasis Audio

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Whether your app is a single title or an entire catalog of your best sellers, a Folium Stellar app allows you to reap the biggest profit margins in the industry. Don’t give it away to someone else. Make it yours.

That’s not all…

Easy App Creation

Customized Designs

Track Customers

Unique Elements

Timed Releases

Stellar Support Team

Personal Touches

DIY or Concierge Services